Conectra is a fun puzzle game where you use your memory to find out which piece correct to eliminate all the others on the board. ** Available for Android only **


The objective of the game is to make the player use memory to remember all the directions that each color points and with his reasoning discover the first piece of the sequence.


Conectra is considered a game of high concentration and memorization, becoming a game of difficulty high being fun for those who like challenges

Game play:

Conectra works as follows, by clicking on one of the various pieces on the board, the clicked part will connect with just another part and so on, you need to note that each piece is a different color and can be green, red, blue, yellow and it is the color that determines the direction in which the piece will connect with the others. For the player to score more points it is necessary to learn which direction each color points, similar to the Chess pieces, but instead of each piece having a different movement, the pieces of Conectra move in different directions. The pieces are separated by four colors, the green ones connecting with the pieces on the right, the red with the ones on the right, the blue ones to the bottom and the yellow ones to the top. Decorate this sequence and evolve your mind, have fun with the game Conectra.


This engine was developed based on racing games from the 8/16 bit era such as Outrun, TopGear and others from the Genesis and Super NES video games.

The technique used to simulate this type of game is known as pseudo-3d, where the feeling of perspective and depth is given by mathematical calculations of the estimate of the distance between objects in the scene, as a trick of illusion, the dimensions of height and width are altered, decreasing or increasing the images, making our brain understand that smaller objects are more distant from larger objects.

The idea of ​​producing this engine came from the point of rescuing the nostalgia of having games that are not about realism, but about pure and simple fun at home with friends.

The engine is for exclusive use with the gamemaker studio 2 program, where when you acquire a developer you can create your racing game the way you imagine and launch it on different platforms such as mobile, PC and other video games. The engine contains basic assets such as engine and braking sounds, has background music and car sprites and scenery, but you can create your own assets making the game experience much more fun.

All the code is commented and does not use any external .dll, simplifying the use and using the GMS2 resources.

You can purchase the engine at YoyoGames Market Place.

* Car collision system.
* Acceleration and braking system.
* System of curves, ups and downs.
* Car animation system.
* Perspective calculation system.
* Sound system for car engine sound.
* It is possible to edit the route by changing the segment entries in the create event.
* It is possible to use sprites as textures for the track.

About the engine.

The Platform Pro Engine was created for the game developer who seeks ease when creating a retro-style platform game and does not want to spend a lot of time for it, the engine has several features such as character transition system for rooms, actions of character using estate machine, among others. This engine has a buffer-based collision system that facilitates the creation of collision blocks of the stage scenario using the gamemaker's own tile system, so the collision system becomes very quick to create because you use the tiles themselves for that , it is possible to add specific characteristics for each tile like, tile to slide, tile to take HP from the character etc ...

**Resolution selection menu**

* Full Screen.
* Vsync.
* .Ini file.
* smooth camera movement.

**New pixel perfect tile collision system.**

* Ladder system.
* Ramps and Slopes.
* Sliding walls.
* One way platforms.
* solid blocks.
* mobile platforms with smooth movement in two axes.
* warp system editable by variables.

**Characteristics of the player.**

* Finite state machine.
* Joystick and keyboard control system.
* Single jump, double jump.
* Projectile attack.
* Wall Grab.
* Wall Slide.
* Pixel perfect physics and collision.
* The engine has an innovative buffer-based collision system, which combines the convenience of creating collision maps by tiles with the ease of the place_metting commands, returning the tile information you need.
The buffer collision system is very fast and can be used on large maps such as 5000x5000 without loss of processing.

**Clean and easy to read code.**
**Player characteristics with easy adjustment.**
**HUD basic.**
**A.I of enemies.**
**Basic sounds.**
**Transition system between rooms.**